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VeriTOONS are cartoons that relate God’s truth in ways that may be quite humorous, and preserve the Message.

I’ve always loved making cartoons, and am totally thankful to God for this platform.

Enough talk. Now for the cartoons.

Daniel in the Lions' Den_VeriTOONS version

The Danger Toon began as a sketch. A friend of mine, Banke Fasominu (she’s the pretty creative initiator of Oludidit Studios. You should really look them up, and like her Facebook page) saw it and asked me to make it a coloured toon. It draws from the story of Daniel in the Bible. Though he was cast into the den of lions, God stood up for him and shut the mouths of the lions. We can learn that if we find ourselves in trouble or danger, if we hold on to God, He can turn it into an opportunity for Him to be glorified. He is a ‘…very present help in times of trouble…’ (Psalm 46:1)

Judge Not

Now, who said God had no sense of humor? This cartoon is based on an illustration by Jesus Christ Himself. He used the whole ‘remove the log in your eye before trying to remove the speck of dust in another person’s eye’ to tell us not to take it upon ourselves to judge others. If we look at our own lives, we’d see places that need God’s light to shine on, and for Him to work on. It love this one.

Pride goes before a fall_edited

This cartoon is based on Proverbs 16:18, which says, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall”. Or, as The Message Bible puts it, “The bigger the ego, the harder they fall.” Pride is one of the most subtle temptations. And you know the bad thing about it: proud people most often times do not even know they are proud. Everyday, I learn to depend more on God. When we do that, He will give us the grace to stay humble. So don’t give in to pride.

Left Behind Fan Art

OK, I also made this as a piece of fan art for an upcoming movie. Have you guys read the bestselling Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins? It was like the biggest thing in Christian literature in my teenage years (not so long ago, I’ll admit 😀 ) The series follows a group of compelling characters through the last days of this age. In the midst of terror and pain, God’s grace shone through these characters. Ah, I love he Left Behind Series. But I digress. The first two books in the series were made into a trilogy of movies about a decade ago. But now, the series is being rebooted. The first movie, Left Behind, is being remade in a bigger budget theatrical release. The upcoming Left Behind movie would feature Nicolas Cage as Captain Rayford Steele, Chad Michael Murray as Cameron ‘Buck’ Williams, Cassi Thomson as Chloe Steele, among other big names in the movie industry. That such a wonderful message is coming to the big screen in these times is so amazing.


More cartoons coming soon. Thanks for coming by, folks. God bless ya!




OK, I was just going over this page again for the first time in years and I realized I hadn’t updated it. I’m so sorry.

The thing is, what started out as VeriTOONS has since grown into an even bigger vision: Veritas Media.

I’d love to say a lot more … er, ‘write’ a lot more here, but you really need to go check it out. So here are the links:

Thanks for your interest, and thanks for coming here. I really truly absolutely appreciate it.

God loves you!

You’re the best!

Stay creative!


One thought on “VeriTOONS”

  1. How come I’m just seeing this? aww..
    I was telling some one just now of how the lion and the Daniel image came to be and I scrolled down only to read a hyperlinked text to my page!
    You’re amazing!

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