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“Go, hug the Transformer!”

Have you ever been told to ‘go to blazes?’ Sorry, someone probably spoke out of turn. But on my side of the globe, what people say is, “Go hug a transformer!” This conjures up pictures of Tom from TOM AND JERRY getting zapped with electricity. We get to laugh as Tom walks away in jerks of static, while Jerry runs off laughing. By the way, it’s been over thirty years. The sooner Tom realizes he’s never gonna get Jerry the better it’ll be for him.
So Tom is staticky, not the calm and conniving Tom we’re used to, for a moment. We could say he’s a different person … er, cat. A different cat. He’s ‘transformed’!
While it looks comical, electric shock is no joke. It’s death. So please don’t go hugging the transformer on your street, no matter what anyone says!
But then there’s another Transformer I think we all should hug and embrace. And while this one has many good perks, it will most assuredly KILL you! But that’s why we should embrace it.
OK, I’m not suicidal, in case you were wondering. This Transformer is different, trust me.
Romans 12:2 tells us “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may be able to test and approve what God’s Will is, His good, pleasing and perfect will.”

So that we can know and do what pleases Him, God wants to change the way we think, changing our mindsets to become like His. A change in your mindset will change you. It is letting go of who we are so that we can hold on to who he wants us to be.
Remember the Hulk from Marvel comics and movies? He was originally a man called Dr. Bruce Banner, who was exposed to gamma radiation. This transforms him into a green hulking monstrousity anytime he’s exceedingly angry. The Hulk can do a lot of things that Bruce Banner can’t, such as having titanic strength and leaping to near-stratospheric heights. He was transformed by an exposure to radiation.
To be transformed, we need a spark. A jolt. Some electricity. Like hugging a Transformer?
It’ll be the death of whosoever dares to embrace it, but he or she will leave as a different person. Staticky, bursting with electricity.

For us to live the New Life in Christ we must let the old life with its mindsets die daily. We need some electricity. I think of the Grace of God as electricity (have you read my previous post, GRACE LIKE ELECTRICITY). While it has been made available to us, we need to deliberately recieve it. Embrace the source.

And the Source is JESUS, the Word of God Himself. He is the One we ought to embrace. He has made the Grace of God abound to us, but we need to recieve it.
Our minds are renewed as we interact with Him in studying the Bible and talking with Him. Just like interacting with a friend, soon we begin to think and talk like Him. We’re transformed as His grace fills us.
And we become more like Him, thinking His thoughts and doing His acts. We would have His heart, growing in love and abounding in it. We can’t do it on our own. We must recieve His electricity. His Grace.
Then, we are ready to get started, holding on to Him in all our ways.

Don’t you just wanna embrace the Transformer?

A not-so-major motion picture: TRANSFORMERS
A not-so-major motion picture: TRANSFORMERS
Part of a series of humorous movie posters I made for this blog.
That’s the transformer on my street. Who knows, it might actually be a robot from space! Go figure!

Watching my Tongue… Watching my Mind

I thought I was blessed with the knack for attracting embarrassing circumstances until I found out that others also had their own share. But really, I tend to get into some pretty weird circumstances. I used to feel bad about it until I learnt to laugh about them. No kidding, I think God knew what He was doing when He made me. Ha!
Whenever I got into these circumstances, my mind automatically ran through either of the following responses:
“You’re such an Idiot!”
“You’re a fool, Emmanuel. A big fat fool. You know that, don’t you?”
“Oh shut up! Shut up! You’re not an idiot.”
“But you know you are!”
Wow, it seemed to give me some comic relief to have these conversations in my head, keeping the pasted smile on my face. But I learnt that it was wrong. These words have their effect on me, be they funny or not.
The words we speak, as sons of God, had better be good because they are important. God has made me His child, and no matter what seems to happen around me, I gotta keep my mind focused on what He calls me.
I realised that the things I say are a product of whatever’s going on in my mind. What do I fill my mind with? Stuff from what people say around me or in the movies (however interesting they may be), or with the Word of God? The latter is the best, of course, because it always tells the Truth.
Someone once said that our hearts are like buckets filled to the brim with water. When the bucket is pushed even slightly, it’s the water that spills out.
When push comes to shove, when situations around try to push you off your centre, what spills out? What is your response? What do you say? Or think? Or do?
I’m learning to fill my mind, and align my mindset, with all God says I am. Letting God change the way I think. The Bible calls that ‘renewing your mind’ in Romans 12:2. We do that by constantly interacting with Him in prayer, and studying His Word. So if seemingly weird situations come up, I trust God to keep my response (in words, actions and thoughts) according to His own responses.

So do I still get into embarrassing stuff? You bet I do! But my response?
“You’re such an i…ntelligent child of God!”
“You’re a f…riend of God. A wonderful friend of God!”

And that’s who I am.