Are Roses Red?

“Roses are red, Violets are blue–“

Hol’ up! That poem ain’t entirely true.

Some roses are yellow, or blue or pink
And some violets are cream or … well, ‘violet’ (wink!)
But ‘roses are red’ is a rhythmic introduction
to a format that’s worked through time
for expressions of love and romantic affection
brought home with the vehicle of rhyme.

But love’s more than a poem or butterflies.
It’s more than we realise.

Love is responsibility. It’s sacrifice.
It’s a choice and a decision too.

It’s affection and it is submission.

It’s remembering it’s not all about you.

It can be expressed in words, and it should.
As well as our actions and deeds.
For every act of love
is a prone-to-blossom seed.

Used to think I had love figured out
But I’m learning there’s so much more.
Love is a school we must all go through
It’s lessons are really … raw.

Love isn’t posh or dashing all the time.
It’s often dirty and covered in grime.
For it is bound to stretch you
But, done right, it would build you up, too.

God showed His love to me
In the person of Christ Jesus.
He died in my place when I was His enemy.
He rose and helps me do as He pleases.

He doesn’t leave us to figure out
Our way through times of fear and doubt.
His Spirit assures us that we’re His own.
He never leaves us alone.

He makes us Love letters to the world
Expressions of His multifaceted Love.
Through us others can see and receive
The Love that comes from above. Doesn’t matter what anyone does
There’s none undeserving of it.
We love because of His Love towards us
It’s active in us by His Spirit.

If we give ourselves to living out God’s love
There’s so much we will find.
We can start with what’s in 1 Corinthians 13.
It says Love “suffers long, and is kind…”