Hi there. Emmanuel here.

Man! It’s been over a year since a posting something new on here. But I’ve got something new coming up and can’t wait to share it with you. You ready?

If you’ve been following me on the social media lately you may have heard a bit here or there about this little novel I’ve been working on called ‘The Rider’. Initial plans were for it to be released by today, but sadly it is not completed. As the concept expanded and evolved, more editing and pruning and refining has been required. But, not to worry, it is very close to completion. Today, I’ll be releasing a short prelude to this adventure to keep appetites whetted.

But first, what is ‘The Rider’ about?

Of course I can’t spoil the whole story to you here (sorry), but I can tell you that it is about a man who rides (DUH!) It is set in the late 19th century and primarily framed as a Western (you know, those old American movies about cowboys and outlaws) because it plays on the themes underlying such stories. They are usually about a man, or a group of people, living out in the Old West, under adverse circumstances, who have to fight to protect a town, or a family, or a way of life. Some are about people running away from the life they’ve known, some about outlaws living outside the law on their own terms, and some about families on a journey. These elements have since diffused into the stories we tell to this day.

I chose the time period because of the stock elements of that time; discovery majorly. The basis of much of the inventions and knowledge base of the 20th century were propounded in that period as principles, laws and theories. But even outside of the fields of science and technology, geographical discovery had been alive for centuries by then. Many families and individuals were not tied to particular places but were in flux, not only geographically but also emotionally. Frontier families and communities were rife in those days.

I loved playing with these elements because I believe they play out in our lives to this day. Since the cultural changes in 2016, identity has been a major issue in the social consciousness. For many, who we are and who we want to be is not an affixed position but is something we ‘discover’ gradually. Everyone out there has their idea of who we are and who we should be, and they are too glad to scream it into our ears through the media, through our institutions, everywhere! For some of us, we make mistakes in the course of this quest for discovery. But we dust ourselves off and move on, hoping we arrive at some point or points that we can call home. It’s the human story, replaying ever since the days of Adam.

But then, in and beyond and through our quests, God is also working. He is at work in each and every of our respective stories, plotting how we can come to the good life He has prepared for us. Even when we never knew or realised it, He has and is still working things out for us to answer His call to life, and to truly live. For many of us He leads us gradually, slipping into the discoveries we make, ordering our steps and bringing us home. This is the primary element of the story in THE RIDER.

Because of the personal connections of these themes to me, it has become dear to my heart. I truly can’t wait for this story to be in the hands of everyone, but that’s why it must be its very best. It would be a bit darker than most of my other works, I think I should put that out there. But I can promise you that light shines through still.

So there, that’s what THE RIDER is about. Didn’t tell you much, did it? But then there’s the prelude story, ‘UNDER THE NIGHT SKY’ available online. Consider it an excerpt that actually tells you all you need to know about what to expect.

Thank you very much and have a great weekend.

The Rider Teaser 2

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