Yellow Pages of Tomorrow

Hi there! Emmanuel here!

Thank you all for the likes, shares, comments and words of encouragement on my last post: GANGSTUH WEDDING. I was SOOO thrilled to see that you all enjoyed it. I love you guys! Really, God bless you all. It’s amazing what He does with stuff like this.

But today’s feature is not about me. It’s about my friends, you see. Many of them have got a lot of cool stuff going on, and I’d like to let you all in on it. The creative gifts God has given these guys is finding expression in amazing ways, and you really need to check out what they’re up to.

So here we go, as we take a look at the Yellow Pages of Tomorrow. The “Who’s Who of the Future” to which we are headed.

TreasureHouse Media, HeirWalk and the Donut Project

donut teaser
The DONUT Project Teaser

Tolu Joshua Babarinde (Writer and Creator of TreasureHouse Media) blogs at, where he encourages young people to connect, to learn, to grow, and to shine as he shares amazing and timely updates from his walk with God. His ‘HeirWalk’ print bulletin recently reached its 11th issue (available for free download at this link). He recently embarked on the journey toward his first published book, with the title ‘DONUT’. I’ve read it and it is really awesome. While this is neither the place nor time for a review (that’ll come soon) I can tell you that this book’s conversational tone kept me turning pages (or tapping the ‘DOWN’ key, as I was reading it on my computer) as he explained important pointers of the life God wants for us. You can follow his journey as this project comes to life on his book blog: The Donut Project 2014, Go check it out; it’s pretty cool.

Hip Hope Republic

Hip Hope Republic (from the HHR Facebook Page)
Hip Hope Republic (from the HHR Facebook Page)

Since they hit our Facebook feeds with their amazing stunts and photographs, Hip Hope Republic has left an indelible imprint, and keeps dishing out more surprises with each new offering. They’ve got people going, “This is SO COOL! Who are these HHR guys, anyway?!” Hip Hope Republic is a community of creative minds, actively redefining Dance, Music, Photography, and Art. These art lovers are excellent at what they do, and the core is made up of some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. A lot of them will be mentioned in this article, no surprise. If you love crazy cool stuff that stretches the bounds of your creative zing, check out their Facebook page,

Dimiyei (Blog)

Dimiyei Sammy and I met at our N.Y.S.C. Orientation Camp, and we were both surprised to find that we shared similar interests. To this day we constantly challenge ourselves with puns and humorous comments that get other people wondering what planet we come from (Krypton has declined affiliation with us, so explanation is quite challenging) Anyhoo, Dimiyei is excellent in his writing and all media-ish. This guy’s amazing. He shares his stories, poems, articles and videos on his blog at So go there sometime, will ya?


Temissan001 (Blog)

Temi Hassan, a talented dancer, model, artisan, God-lover, Art-lover and writer among other things, blogs at, where she shares her spell-binding poetry. Her writing has such a way of getting to the core of the reader, you’d either be amazed or even cry … or both. Either will surely come first. So if you’re looking for the best of poetry that comes from and reaches the heart, go see her blog.

(Did I mention that she’s with Hip Hope Republic?)

Custard ‘n Cake (Blog)

Tomi Oyegoke is such an amazing person, and an interesting writer too. On her blog, she shares truth to build up phenomenal youth; all about and from a life sprinkled with the sugar of S.W.A.G. (Saved With Amazing Grace). Her tone makes her work relatable to young people who can identify with much of the issues she discusses. If you haven’t already, go see her blog at



Publicity promo for SMISH’s single, ‘Issokay’

Samuel ‘SMISH’ Ishola (SMISH) is a rising hip hop artist, with an interesting style. The friendly guy that he is, he characteristically relates life issues in his songs. His background and enthusiasm for hip hop influence his work with purely amazing lyrics and beats, and a heart to go with it. To date he’s released up to three singles (which I keep telling him, need to get married! … [beat] … OK, I know that one was lame): “Movin’ On” (feat. Sammie jay), ‘Come and Go’, ‘Get High’ and ‘Issokay’ (available for free download at their respective links). Go check out what he’s been up to on his Facebook page:

(Oh yeah, he’s with Hip Hope Republic as well.)

Oludidit® Studios

oludidit diy
OludidIt frames (from the Oludidit Studios Facebook page)

oludidit wall

Banke Fasominu is the CEO of Oludidit® Studios, a professional make-up studio which also makes picture frames and other amazing wall décor using wood and fabric. The creative excellence oozing from her work is inspiring and dazzling, begging the question: “What can’t Oludidit® do?!” She chronicles her work and the journey involved on the Oludidit® Facebook page. The courage and enthusiasm she puts into her work singles her out as one of the best that I’ve seen at what she does.

You can check out Oludidit® Studios on their blog on, see (and like) the Facebook page at, and follow them on Twitter: @Oludidit.


BeLifted.Me (Blog)

Lola Odeniyi daily blogs at where she shares God’s Word in an amazing and exciting way. I don’t know how she does it! There’s always something new to share every single day, and it’s uplifting. I’ve been blessed by the work of this blogger with a difference. Sometimes I just see the latest blogpost in my mail, read it, and am encouraged or learning something new. You really should consider following her blog. You don’t know what you’re missing if you haven’t. Go check it out, and as she would say, “Be lifted!”


Iam_papyrus and Written Percussion (Blogs)

Two blogs; but one amazing man behind them all. Israel Adejobi is a prolific writer and an amazing guy as well. Israel is one of those precious few I know that know the intricate structure of a good written piece, and his amazing work proves this as well. You can read his poetry at, and also check out his work in other genres at

Stephen Ladoye’s Blog

Stephen Ladoye's Blog
Stephen Ladoye’s Blog … which goes beyond the blog.

Stephen Ladoye is quite enterprising. He runs the eponymous news network on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and on his blog (hence the name). If there were any other social media platform, I’m certain he’d be on it. Be it politics, entertainment, geeky stuff, whatever! This guy knows his thing. Do check him out sometime, and even follow him on Twitter at @LadoyeX, or even on his blog at You’d be glad you did.



Even back when we were undergrads, this guy was at the cutting edge of multimedia, graphics, 3D, video, visual effects – you name it! The unstoppable Sope Adebowale runs ShopyGFX. Words don’t express how amazing his work is. You gotta see it for yourself. I was privileged to work with him in VHFMedia for a while, and I can tell you that he’s an amazing guy. You can see his work on his Facebook Page,

The Illusion Group

The Blades of Ennui (coming soon from The Illusion Company)
The Blades of Ennui (coming soon from The Illusion Group)

The Illusion Group is a team of people with creative talent and the desire to use it to influence entertainment positively. They are students in the University of Ibadan, but their first movie, ‘The Blades of Ennui’, is currently in post-production. ‘Blades’ is a psychological thriller of amazing proportions (how many times have I used the word ‘amazing’ now?). It’s something to look forward to. You can look up their page on Facebook:, or follow them on twitter @D_IllusionGroup.

You can see the ‘Blades’ movie trailer here.

‘Lhaeide Media Inc. (LMI)

 lhaeide media inc

Ope Okunbor, excellent photographer that he is, runs ‘Lhaeide Media Inc. (LMI), an excellent photography outfit. The quality of his photos shouts the fame of the talent behind the lens. You know, when it comes to pictures, words don’t do justice. Let the pictures do the talking. You can look up some of his work at the following links:, or see his work on Twitter @OpeOkunbor.

Did I mention that he’s also a core member of Hip Hope Republic as well? (OK, you really have to check out the HHR page, if you haven’t)

House of Dabira

House of Dabira
House of Dabira
Folu Ajayi (Creative Director, House of Dabira)
Folu Ajayi (Creative Director, House of Dabira)

Folu Ajayi is the Creative Director of House of Dabira. Created in December 2011 but launched in April 2013, this fashion designer has come a long way and is gradually taking over. The style of their work displays creativity, attention to colour and luxury, be it in Women’s wear or Men’s wear – you name it!! With numerous awards, nominations, presentations and accolades to their name, House of Dabira is sure to be at the cutting edge of fashion design for a very long time. You can follow her work on Facebook at, or on Twitter @House_Of_DABIRA


This last one deserves special mention

The Vessels of Honour Foundation

Vessels of Honour Foundation
Vessels of Honour Foundation

What can I say here?

In the University of Ibadan, this cradle and breeding ground of champions is growing – unstoppable. Its impact and influence go beyond all borders. There is so much God has done, and is doing here. I am a product of VHF, and so are many of the folks I’ve mentioned above. And there are many more; much more than this article could contain. God used my time in VHF to immensely perfect my gift, and for this I am eternally grateful.

Even if I wrote an entire article, it would not adequately qualify the Vessels of Honour Foundation (though I will, someday). For now, I’ll just give you the link to the website:

The Vision of VHF is ‘“To raise a generation of believers who are in Full Identification with the Purposes and Persons of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, using such identification to influence People, Nations, Systems and Institutions.” And it is doing just that.


You know, when I first embarked on this article I didn’t really have a long list. But as I kept going, more and more people came to mind. There are many more amazing people I could tell you about, amazing blogs I could share, amazing musicians, and amazing corporations and businesses on the rise that I’ve had the privilege to know. But time and space would fail me to share them all here. I hope to do this again sometime, and who knows, maybe YOU will be featured in the next ‘Yellow Pages of Tomorrow’ feature. I look forward to doing that.

Let these folks and their work encourage and inspire you to do great things. There is so much God has placed in you. In the midst of the good times and the not-so-good times, He’s been shaping a bigger and better product out of you. He’s given you all you need to use to make the world and the lives of the people in it better and brighter. The world needs a hero, someone to stand up and fill a specific role, and only you can do that because God gave you the gift needed. So use it for His glory, and do it excellently.

To every one of my friends featured on here: I’m totally proud of you guys! Really, I’m one of your biggest fans (if this were a movie, I’d probably be that kid that camps outside your office window holding an ‘I [HEART] YOU’ sign)! Keep it Up, y’all. That’s where it belongs.

I leave you all with these words from God’s Word, something I’m learning as the days go by.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” Colossians 3:23-24 (NIV)