Hello there!

Greetings from one quite reclusive blogger. I’m sorry there have been no new posts in the past few days but more content is coming soon. I’m working on some more ideas. It will blow your mind! Really, you might like to get a helmet.

I’ve been totally amazed at the buzz created on the Net concerning the previous posts, especially through my friends. Thanks y’all. You’re the best! From Chika Amogu, to Temi Hassan, to Deola Adeyemi (thanks for the comment), and to all those I do not know (yet), thanks and God bless you guys.

The thing is, like many others, I learn as I write. That’s why some stuff you read here may sound quite weird. Imagine you were an alien, used to living without gravity. You’ve crash-landed on earth and it’s up to you to explain to us ‘gravity-bound-earthlings’ about how awesome life is beyond this atmosphere. You would sound like a madman. That’s probably how Paul felt when he wrote that the teaching of the Cross [of Christ] sounds foolish.

That’s how I feel a lot of the time, trying to get used to the anti-gravity life spoken of in the Bible, despite the fact that gravity is so apparent around us. I mean, you’re not floating in the air, are you? Neither am I! So what on earth am I talking about?

Before I come off as a madman, let me explain what I mean. Gravity, here, represents anything that brings people down. Gossip, failure, pain, hate. You know this stuff. Apparently, like gravity, they are inevitable.

But God has got something BIGGER planned for any who choose to follow Him. He has brought you OUT of this atmosphere, so that you are SEATED WITH CHRIST, ABOVE ALL PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS. We’ve really got no limitations.

In the next couple of days, I’ll be joining the National Youth Service Corps for a year (it’s mandatory!) I was expecting it to be terrible, so I was already developing a story I would call HEAVEN IN HELL (Hell being the said Service Corps), chronicling how God would help me through hell. But I know that, with God, it’s going to be a blast. No one’s going to get burnt, hopefully. But in Psalm 139, I read that even if I sleep in hell (hopefully not), God is with me. It’s not going to be Hell. It’s going to be AWESOME!

There, that’s what I was trying to avoid, sounding like I’m behind the pulpit. If I stuck with the Alien-terminology, perhaps everyone would have listened.

Or maybe not.

The truth is, God’s Word tells us so much, but we sometimes pass it off as religious stuff. We must learn to train ourselves to receive His message, like babies.

Well, that’s me for now. Hope you learnt something there.


See you soon. (Well, I can’t really see you unless I had a sort of two-way webcam or something, but then it would be–

OK this is where I should shut up)