Welcome to my Blog.

My name is Emmanuel. I am a writer and cartoonist, and I love Jesus. I also love creativity in its potential and expression. I believe everyone is creative. The difference is how aware we are of this fact.

But enough about me. What’s ‘Emmanuel Presents’ about?

Well, I want to tell God’s stories in a way that everyone can understand, bringing them to the very doorstep of your mind and heart. So this site would be a source for my cartoons, articles and short stories for everyone to see and copy.

I hope you will love this blog. Also, feel free to copy the content if you need to, including the link to it, and the name of the author. (www.emmanuelpresents.wordpress.com)

Believe me, the ride ahead is going to be totally new, and unexpected. You will love this.

But God loves you much more.


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